Flight Levels/Magnetic Track

Hello everyone,
I noticed that many still have not understood the

level of flight
, below I am attaching useful information on the flight level based on the
Magnetic track


This is useful for beginners, but isn’t the “thousands plus 500” only for GA/VFR aircraft?

Directly below where you found this information, the article states:

"The UK abolished the quadrantal rule on 2 April 2015 and has adopted the semi-circular rule to align with other countries abroad."

Also, the very first sentence in the (chapter?) states:

"This rule is no longer active."

The UK, along with most countries in the world, use the semi circle rule now: even flight level for westbound flights (heading 180-359), and odd flight level for eastbound flights (heading 000-179).

Exactly,I missed this 👇