Flight level change (FLC) autopilot mode

Other users have discussed this feature before, but I want to bring it up once again. VNAV is used to descend, FLC is used to climb.

What it will do is that it will lock a specific speed and change the desired attitude by the users’ throttle settings. It shares the same nose up/down buttons with VS in G1000 systems. The advantage of this mode is when your plane can create a large specific excessive power, you can maximise your climb rate by holding your desired climb speed. I think it will be a great avionics upgrade, how do you think?

This sounds cool, it’s a shame I’m at my limit though.

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And it would help with like extreme long haul routes that are like 12-15 hours long with step climbing for fuel economy


Sorry, but this is a duplicate requesti. I called it just ‘level change’, but it does go by multiple names.

Check out topic above