Flight Lessons - Caldwell and Stewart

Good evening IFC! This past Saturday, I went on my first flight lesson. Our flight took us from Caldwell, New Jersey to Stewart International, in New York. This was an awesome experience for me, it was my first time back in the air on any aircraft since January of 2020.

The aircraft flown was N941CP, a Cessna 182 under the callsign of CAP 2941. The cockpit was cramped (and I may or may not have had to sit on a pillow to be able to see the horizon), but the experience was still surreal. Our instructor was a KC-10 pilot from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst who flew CAP flight lessons as a side hobby.

I arrived to the airport at least 90 minutes early for some pre-departure spotting, so we could get along on our way when the time came.

The link below leads you to the FlightAware tracking of my flight. I was permitted to handlfly the C182 at 2500 along the hudson, flying over my hometown and many familiar locations along the way.

Camera: Nikon D7000 w/ Tamron 75-300mm

Upon arrival, I headed right out to the patio to do some spotting before the lesson started. Here’s N272LP taxiing back in after some pattern work.

N1493E taxiing back from doing left patterns on 04.

N5GU, a Cessna 525B preparing for its flight to Augusta, Georgia.

N8050J rested at one of the many stands at KCDW (@Suhas knows)

N179MT, an AS 355F1 banks into the ramp, where it ended up sitting there making noise for over half an hour.

N734RP taxiing by on her way to 28.

My ride for the day, N941CP. Flew up from Trenton/Robbinsville hours before.

Finally, a line of C-17s waiting for their next assignment. Such a beautiful bird, you really underestimate the size until you’re next to them.

Thanks for looking, I hope I can do this again soon.


Stewart 🥰

Awesome pics! The CAP 172 has to make it into JP

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C-17s are very T H I C C C I was at the Rockford Air Fest in 2016 and got up close to a thicc-17, it’s also much taller than I expected.

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I actually saw this exact plane at APA in February of 2020! It was sporting a different livery at the time.

Nice photos!

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This is so true. Even a little Challenger jet is huge when you’re right up next to it.

I hope you had fun, and these pictures are amazing!

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Beautiful Pics Pongu :)

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Stewart is such a fun airport, the runway is huuuge! Always fun landing there. Nice photos!

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