Flight Lapse 777-200ER - Paris to Dakar

Quicker than we expected the triple 7 became part of the simulator. It is a fantastic plane to fly and I can’t get tired of it.

This timelapse takes place on the Paris Dakar route of Air France. It’s a great flight, we get to see all kind of environment which is perfect for a video (French farm, pyrenees, Spanish dry landscapes and the desert laying on the Atlantic).

Flight planning is really intuitive and fun now, fun fact, I had to change my SID after pushback because winds shifted, same thing happened on arrival.

Anyway enough talking, enjoy the video!


C’est formidable!! Le video est très bien
(Its amazing!! The video is very good)

It really is an amazing timelapse, amazing job (bon travaille? Idk how to speak French😂)

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Tu te débrouille bien en Français !

Thanks for the compliment, I’m hoping to do more of these 🤙

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Wow, ca devient un spécimen rare de voir des Français sur l’IFC 😂

Moi chu pas vraiment un français, I’m a petit Québécois 🇨🇦

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I’m pretty sure this means “Good work!”

@Q-ENAN The video was awesome!! I think I’ll sub to your channel as well.

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Très bien j’adore quand on vole vers Dakar la video est très jolie!! Juste dommage que la scène a Dakar sur IF soit pas comme IRL :'(


Je suis de nationalité française mais je vis en Suisse 🇨🇭

Hold’up, they’re gonna think we are planning a takeover 👀


Haha lol 😂

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Feel free to do so, this is the kind of video I’d love to see more often, however there are close to none like that so I just make them myself :)


I thought we agreed not to reveal our plans for a takeover in here 🥱

Jokes aside Dakar feels like any other airport really, IF will get better with time 🤷‍♂️

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Ye, I kinda know what travailler means. I’m very bad at French…
Waaaaayyyyy better at German…

But @Q-ENAN, I really hope to see more😃. Would love to see

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Ja aber mein Deutsch ist eine Katastrophe :(

That’s a really interesting video. Hope to see another one!

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C’est incroyable! Great work there, mate.

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@Sashaz55 @Tsumia

Merci gents ✌️

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