Flight/landing ratio

Over the years I have seen many people with over 1,000 flights but only, 55 landings for instance - a low number of landings.
Why is that?

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This could be due to leaving mid flight, app crashes, landing off of the runway, which would not count as a landing. All of these things.


Can for sure agree with this. I have 1,705 hours and 487 landings.

Here’s an example from last night.

I started a flight and got an hour in before leaving. So I gained an hour but not a landing lol.

I certainly agree that is part of it but over 1000 flights with no landings? It just seems kinda wacky.

I wonder if some users don’t realize that touch and goes count as landings so in one flight one could do 15, 20 landings or more to make your numbers more sensible. I’ve always had more landings than flights (roughly 2040 flight and 2090 landings)

In this regard, I think we have to take into account the type of pilot a user is. Do they partake exclusively in long/ultra long haul flights or short/medium haul flights?

I, for example have about 762 hours and about 244 landings. I fly majority long hauls and less short hauls.

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I think that is the most likely scenario. The person probably programs a long haul flight, goes to sleep and then has to get ready for work so doesn’t land and just shuts it off.
All these reasons are likely a part of it. In the example I posted the flier has over 1100 more flight than landings and I think he has only 68 landings. - but he isn’t alone- a lot of users are like that. I suppose it is a user “type”.
Thank you

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Btw I doubt the “UserDisconnected” thing help us grow our statistics such as landings and flight hours …

From my side yes my landing rate is low because I don’t take the time to land when I make some test flights

I think you might be overthinking it here :)

A “flight” is something that’s counted each time you start a session online. Even if you only spawn in and then end the flight after a few shorts seconds it will count as a flight.

A bit misleading, we know. It’s been discussed.

1000/55 is kind of crazy, at that ratio I think I would move past the “I start flights and sometimes forget to land” phase (maybe 1000/200 I’d understand). At 1000/55 you’re probably just spawning in an F22 or something and just doing two loops and that’s your favorite activity in the game (which is totally legit and I’m not poking fun at that, it’s just an observation).

Also, 174 hours and 49 violations likely tells you that said person is not very invested in being realistic with the game. Which, once again, is perfectly fine but it does explain the ratio.


I know in my case, I often will spawn I for a few seconds to check out an airport before controlling or starting a flight, so I have racked up quite the ratio of flights to landings due to this and the reason schyllberg explained above

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This is me too but I do it on solo to preserve my ratio lol

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