Flight: KORD - > KLAX

Hello again, today I did a flight from KORD -> KLAX. I used my lucky aircraft the 787-8 IF 2016 livery. I enjoyed the flight very much as, I made a smooth landing. However, nearly had to divert due to fuel levels going low (4%) All the images are me landing.

Server: Training server Tuesday I am back to expert

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Enjoying the scenery in cruise! Looks amazing!
Picture 1 and 2



looking at my slight wingflex

Just about landing runway 25L KLAX. I nearly managed a parallel 😢

Nice wingflex before landing

Thanks for looking at these 😉 please leave a like if you think the pictures deserve one. Share comments below.


Remember that no HUD, players names, etc are to be seen in the pictures, other than that they are awesome shots.


@Qantas094 I don’t see anything wrong with the pictures, really.

Still, love the Infinite Flight livery on the Boeing 787.


Thanks @Kuba_Jaroszczyk much appreciated 😊

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Nice pictures! Hope you enjoyed that flight!

I wish parallel landings were a realistic possibility at LAX (irl)😔

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What’s a parallel

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Basically when aircraft lnd or take off at the same time

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Ok cool. Nice picks

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Nice shots. By the way, what do you mean by “new scenery”? New scenery was only added over the region of Singapore and South America.

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I love these pics!!! Hopefully u will be back on expert

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Nice pictures!

Keep up the great pictures mate! ;)

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Thanks everyone! Sorry @DylanHK it was auto correct as I use the term lots and my phone just added it.

Oh, gotcha. No worries.

Good job, nice shot

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Love, love, love the parallel landing shot! It is always fun to land in a parallel configuration, isn’t it?


Thanks for the comments 😊

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