Flight just stoped mid-air!

I was flying from London to Johannesburg (EGLL - FAOR) and all of a sudden and got kicked out of IF. Later I opened the app again and replayed the flight. that’s when I made this video.
does anybody know how or why this happened and how I can fix it?https://youtu.be/k-VRZqwbCDY

btw. let me know if you can watch the video and if not, why?
thanks 😁👍

i had this issue a lot in the past.
was your ipad storage full?

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Hello Max! I am able to watch the video. Can you please provide more information about your device, model, storage, RAM etc? This will help us to identify a solution for your issue.

At the moment, it seems to be a freeze. If we get more information, we will be able to find out if others have a similar problem with their device, and what measures they have taken to fix this isssue.


nope, not even close
57,1 GB from the 128GB

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then it must’ve been a screen freeze, I recommend to do airplane count none. graphics maybe down. what gen ipad u have?

i don’t think that ipads have a 16:9 screen ratio. it’s either an iphone or an android device with that screen ratio.

then phone gen

model: iPhone SE
storage: 128GB
CPU: A13 bionic chip (idk if this info helps but yea)

I do have live flight connect and infinite passengers coneected to IF but I have flown a lot of flights like this so I don’t think that’s the case.

It may have been a once off freeze. Were you active when your screen froze? Did it make any strange noises?

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no. I wasn’t with my phone because it was a very long flight. but when I returned to the phone it was off and when I just turned it on and opened IF it just opened like any other normal time you open it, it was off the RAM. but I really am a noop with computers and technology so I don’t know if I’m helping a lot. but I’m really glad that you guys are, thanks guys 👍👍👍

Ok, so after hearing your last reply, I actually think (maybe) that the game crashed or quit instead of freezing. To remedy this, while on long haul flights at cruise, turn all your settings down to the lowest possible, anti-aliasing off, limit frame rate and set airplane count to none. This reduces the stress on your device and reduces the possibility of an app crash during a flight. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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You can also turn on Infinite Flight’s built-in low battery mode (NOT your iPhone’s) and turn your device’s screen brightness down to the minimum to help even further.


dude you have no idea how happy I am with you guys, thanks everybody.
ans my friend how is really good with computers says it might overheated and recommended me the exect same things, so I will do that. but do you also think it was overheated?

It depends where it may have been placed during the flight. If you find that your device is hot after flying for a while, I recommend placing it somewhere cool, perhaps beside an open window.

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oh that’s a good idea. i’ll try that, thx

On a flat and hard surface as well

(i.e. desktop, counter, and in my case, on the floor next to the outlet)

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Just another quick point, make sure all background apps are closed for the best possible experience, but if you have had no issues with Infinite Passengers, continue to use that but make sure everything else is closed.

Thanks for adding that @Altaria55

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all right I’ll do that.
Thanks for averything everybody, it really means a lot😁👍👍👍

Also, I would elevate it off whatever surface you choice. I take my phone out of the case and rest it on top of it because air dissipates heat better.

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