Flight Japan Air 3 7

So I was scouting through the Live Flight app, till I saw a flight heading from Japan to Singapore. Then I tapped on the aircraft, and then I saw a picture of and AZ-9 Avrocar. Please do mind this is the first founding of this aircraft, in Infinte Flight and in the Live Flight app.

The AZ-9 Aveocar was first thought from the Canadians (Canada). This aircraft was known as a secert testing of a U.S Military aircraft (U.S.M.A). The AZ-9 Avrocar was served in for the Cold War Between U.S. and The Soviets. Alothough this Aurcrft Never seen any wars, to fight its opponents.

Links about the AZ-9 Avrocar in Game&IRL:

It’s just LiveFlight that haven’t been updated with the MD-11/DC-10. The Avrocar is not in Infinite Flight, and i doubt it ever will be… but who knows?