Flight Island 05 Pan Pan Call

At 1500Z Island Air flight 05 took off from TNCM for TKPK, however upon departure the Captiin and Co-Pilot noticed something drasticley wrong with the Autopilot system, because of this issue the Captin immediately disabled the system and Manually flew the C208 back to the airport and taxied to the Departure Gate at TNCM. All passengers and crew survived with no injury or loss of life to report.


You landed at a gate?

No landed and taxied to the gate

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MaxSez: Lesson Learned: The ICAO radiotelephon call is “Pan Pan” Repeated three (3) time) >PanPan, PanPan, PanPan< its used for an “Urgent”
Situation like; mechanic, low Fuel State,illness ect. “Mayday” repeated twice is for actual Emergencies, a danger to life(Ives). These calls added to the comm menus have been rejected repeatedly (check archives). Pls don’t waste your time formulating a topic on this issue. It’s dead and buried in an unmarked grave! Additionally Simulated Disasters & Accident investigations reside in the same grave)

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