Flight Information Regions Glitch

I am not sure if this has been posted here or not but are the airport ICAO codes are showing up incorrect.

I think they might be correct. It’s just that ATC select the airport shown (ICAO), but they still can control other regions airspace.

This is odd. We’re looking into it! (EGLL -> Anchorage is definitely not right…)

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Anchorage and EGLL?

Oh right, so I have no idea lol

Paris - EGLL and Oakland - KLAX.

Nah, not necessarily. Those are close together and can intersect.

Hey Will, is the issue still happening if you restart the app?

Cameron and Seb. The issue lies here:


Yes it still happened when i restarted the App

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@Balloonchaser Thanks for linking my topic (;

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