Flight Information Board

The idea is that you could list your:
Flight No.:
ETD (Estimated Time of Departure):
Then it is available for everyone else to see at the airport.
This information could be viewable in the arrival airport and be based on your flight plan. There could also be an ETA (estimated time of arrival) instead of ETD for planes arriving into airports.
This could be an even more amazing feature coupled with Global Flight.


Only one con. Where would this flight info board BE? How would it WORK?

Otherwise, all pros! You could even cancel your flight, or delay it. If there was money in the game delays could count for money too. It’s a little far-fetched for this sim, but possibilities are possibilities.

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ATC has a feature similar to this on their status menu. It’s shows a list of arrivals and their distance from the arriving airport and their ETA. That would be nice for pilots to be able to see the board also for better flight planning such as an assumption of an expected delay time based on number of aircraft current operating near the field.


All he meant is arrivals would be more timed with a time instead of remaining time.

it could be a pop up when you select an airport within the game also live flight could use it

It could also be a screen in the HUD view that could be hidden at the pilot’s wish.

Right. Half of the pilots don’t even create flight plans so it wouldn’t be accurate information provided. I see what you mean though.

For Global Flight, flight plans possibly will become more popular for the long transatlantic and transpacific flights. They could also be forced to put in info and a flight plan. Possibilities are endless.


you are clearly nt a pilot by that response. but people might like to fly VFR and they have a right to do so

VFR aren’t scheduled flights. VFR is just for a short city hop, or a flight around a river and back to the airfield. IFR is a long flight from New York to Tokyo, or Los Angeles to Paris, or Dallas to Sydney.

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you can to long flights in VFR with the discretion of ATC

With an airline?

Correct. However there are some people who are supposedly flying IFR but don’t file a complete flight plan. They don’t show up in the current ATC status board either.

@Thomas_Oehrling I understand people can fly VRF. That perfectly fine. However, there is a amount of people who are flying jets at FL250 with either a single waypoint of no flight plan at all. It would be hard to code a flight board to track a flight that doesn’t have the selected airport as their destination, unless a requirement was made.

you can’t fly IFR if you haven’t filed a flight plan. done done and done

this is also off topic

I’m not sure it’s off topic. It’s explaining about IFR & VFR, which is the what may make your feature request hard to incorporate into the game.

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