Flight Information Board

I think making an arrival board would make this game more realistic! Let me know what you think!

Please note this is only an example, none of these planes actually land at KISP

A.) None Of those flights would Ever come to MacArthur 😂

B.) Something like this would be too complicated… People change FPLs frequently and there would be no way to make a arrival table if you don’t know pilots exact moves


I fixed it! lol i should of thought about that

That’s an interesting idea. I’ve never seen this suggested before.
I don’t see this as 105% necessary since tools like liveflight.com can be used to accomplish a similar task.
But maybe IF can think about it for the future. (After all, they already have this for ATC, so I’m sure they could add it to the pilot side if they wanted.)


Live flight does have features similar to this, but I like this and I’ll keep my eye on it.

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Couldn’t the same arrival system be used as is used when operating ATC? I don’t think it’d be complicated to do a simple arrival board such as the ATC arrival board.


I think i should be that simple to just shrink it and put it in that empty space, unless it complicated

Adding on to this, most people don’t even add their destination airport as the last waypoint in their flight plans. Without that, there would be no way to determine which airport the person is headed to.

This is already an issue with the current in-game flight tracking feature.


Just a little bump 🙂


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