Flight in an A321...In a jump seat!

Sup IFC!
Im back again with another flight.
This time though, I was invited to sit in the jump seat of an Ethiad A321 to VABB Mumbai! I also flew with @Manav_Suri but sadly he had to leave 😞
Heres my photos.
Enjoy! 😁

Photo from the cockpit door

I also stuck a go pro camera on the captain and First Officers side

Taking off from Abu Dhabi’s runway 13R!

Cruising at 35,000ft. Surprisingly I took this picture with one hand while drinking a coca cola (@Infinite_Flight_Sims 😂)

Here we are descending into the beautiful city of Mumbai

On final for runway 27

Horrible landing made by the pilots!

Dang I really wish I didn’t hit my head so hard on the way out.

Thanks for viewing this everyone! I wanted to make another flight topic but wanted something different than just wing and outside views so this is what I came up with.
Hope you enjoyed this!

Let me know which picture was your favorite

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Nice photos! I dont think the poll is working…

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Woops let me fix that

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Its working now…

Great pictures @PlaneGeek! Cool story!

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The poll doesn’t seem to work for me.

Hmm, its working for everyone else

@PlaneGeek did u jus arrive at VABB bro?

Nope! I landed about 6 hours ago

oh ok I was gonna say why didn’t I see u approaching VABB lol I hope to see u in the skies in the near future :)

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How did you get all thows extra views

@Luke_King-kong Go in the replay, pause it when you want, and move the free camera around to the cockpit :)

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Bit of a way off the center line there on the landing but great pics

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Dont blame me! Blame the pilots 😏

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I still cant get it

I’ll PM you

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These pictures are very good!

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Yeah I’m sorry I couldn’t complete the flight :(

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Ah no worries. You can always join me on my next expedition!

Great job on the screenshots! Really liked the descriptions :D

Have a nice day!

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