Flight ideas

Ive been wondering what flights to do but i cant think of one so if any of yall and ideas please tell me and also if you have any long haul flights ideas please tell me

You could check out some flights from this thread here:

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Townsville (YBTL) to Brisbane (YBBN)

A good one I like to do is VVTS - RJTT or YBBN - WSSS.

PANC to KSEA or vice versa, Alaska or Delta 737-800/900

KSEA to PANC is also a FedEx 777 route

KSEA to PAJN and vice versa is another one with stunning mountain views, served with the Delta 737-800

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If you’re looking for a short flight CYVR-CYLW or CYVR-CYCG are some fun flights with some interesting terrain. Both are about 1.0-1.5 hours with the Q400 in either Westjet or Jazz livery

Ok thanks but do you guys have any long haul flight ideas please

KDFW—OTHH with Qatar 777-200LR

KDFW—OMDB with Emirates 777-300ER

KDFW—EGLL with British Airways 787-10

KDFW—YSSY with Qantas A380

all of these can obviously be flown vice versa as well


Anyone now any good DFW routes to fly out too??

I… just gave some…

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Ohhhhhh sorry!!

No worries :)

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