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Hey IFC, can you guys help me brainstorm any routes I can fly? I’d just want them to be 1 to 2 hours long. Thanks to all who reply!😀


Check this out:


Can you guys just give me the airport codes? Thanks!

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Northern Pakistan for sure. So Islamabad to Gilgit maybe. You will not be disappointed, hidden gem. Will require a lot of skill and you’ll have to use external sites for info on approach through the valley etc.

Thats if you want to see something new that is! :)



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CYEG-CYWG! Fly the Westjet.

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I’ll be sure to fly one of these, thanks guys!

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An amazing route, KSEA to PAJN. Beautiful mountains, and it’s only about 2 hours.

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Of course!

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Seattle to San Francisco never disappoints, takes about an hour and a half

Thank you @NoahM

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You can try RandomFlightGenerator.com Its a byproduct of the fpltoif site database.

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KMIA-KDFW amazing route and chill A321 or 777 your choice American livery

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Here Are Random 1-2 Hour Long Flights, Some UNderated Ones As Well :)

  • (Osaka) Kansai - (Tokyo) Haneda
  • (Kastrup) Copenhagen Airport - Stockholm Arlanda
  • Karachi Jinnah - Islamabad
  • Singapore - Bangkok
  • Hongkong - Taipei Taoyuan
  • Vancouver (Canada) - San Francisco
  • Shanghai - Seoul
  • Dubai - Kuwait City
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I’m flying KSEA to KDFW right now I’m an American 737-800. It should be around two and a half to three hours.


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Thanks IFC!

another flight which is one of my favorites is KLAX-KRNO. The scenery is gorgeous and you get a nice view of lake tahoe :)

EICK-EGLL. It gets quite windy at around FL280+

one of the best ones I’ve done is London Stansted (EGSS) to Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) if you time it right you can land during the sun set, looks incredible sunset through some mountains (image if you wish to see what it looks like)