Flight ideas

so this weekend I’m going to do a big flight and I need ideas

Here you go:

Happy landings!

Do an eastbound flight across the Atlantic in TBM930 - aircraft is more then capable of doing this flight. A good tail wind, FL310, with one stop should do it.

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okey thanks!:)

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how can a tbm 930 get across the Atlantic!?

Here is a very rough flight plan with no waypoints.

KJFK -> CYQX 950nm

CTQX -> BGBW 796nm

BGBW -> BIKF 649nm

BIKF -> EGPK 741nm

Keep weight reasonable and this route will work fine. All legs are well within the aircrafts range.

Or you can try a southern route

CYQX -> LPFL 1152nm

LPFL -> LEMD 1265nm

My general rule of thumb is no more then 1500nm per leg even though the range can go up to 1730nm according to Daher. You can be creative and find many different routes across the Atlantic to improve your flight planning and navigation skill.

Good luck,
Rob O

Here is a cool video of a guy who ferried a 910 from France to California.