Flight Hours

I think it would be pretty cool to have flight hours for each aircraft you fly. This is pretty self explanatory, but basically it would allow you to view the hours you have spent flying a specific aircraft. It could look something like this:

Once again, I think this would be a pretty cool feature to be implemented by the devs into IF!

Mods have closed the other feature thread for this topic.

Pretty cool idea but I can’t afford a vote, votes are tough to come by in this day In age lol.


Nice idea and seems easy to implement, as we can already see in the logbook the aircraft we’ve flown with (for each flight).
Sadly outta votes :-(


Awesome idea for sure!

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Great idea. Adds realism.

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That’s what the logbook if for.

The Logbook doesn’t show how many hours you have with a specific airframe… It only shows how many hours your flight was.

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Guess you’d have to do some math. I get where you’re coming from

Yea a lot of maths if i so, since i have above 2400 hours in total, it’ll take quite some time, therefore i support this feature request!

Now for the FDS Team,

How simple would this be?

Would it mean adding another “server” or adding onto one of the ones already used to Run IF?

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This would be wonderful! Bumpin’ this one up :D

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Go back through cause it says the aircraft and the flight hours for that flight meaning, simple math and you can figure it out. It’s just about the devs doing that from all are past hours and then doing it to our flights now and on.

It shouldn’t be too hard to add. They already have the data as said up top it’s in your log book so the hours are already there they just need the system to add them up and display it

That’s what I said in my post above it. Lol

That’s genius what a great idea 💡