Flight hours in Solo

Hey guys as we can see total flight hours and no. Of takeoffs and landings in live, so can we see these in solo mode also?

Unfortunately no we can’t.

Ok no problem😔😔😔😔 so it should be 1 of the new features too

Well, I guess you have your ‘logbook’ in IF 😉

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Doesn’t the logbook record hours on solo as well?


Where is the logbook option I never found any

Possibly, try going in live --> click on the user information --> in ‘logbook’ written below ‘User Account’. There, you’ll be able to find the flights on solo too.

Yes I believe it records. But I maybe misunderstood his question. The logbook records only the flight time. His question is (I think): Is there a way to know how many landings/takeoffs we made on solo.
The answer is no.

Only users who have a live sub can go to the logbook I think.

I don’t have a live subscription

So can I see that now

Just a bit confused, are you asking for this to be adding into the simulator? If not, there are no ways to check your flight time, on the app, sadly.

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