Flight Hours for Each Aircraft

I think it would be really cool if we could know how many flight hours we have in a certain aircraft.

For example, it’ll show that I have 12 hours in the 757-200, or 3.2 hours in the CCX.

This is a small feature, I think it can be added fairly easily.


This would be awesome

You could just use the log and add up all of the times with each aircraft, but that would be time consuming. I like the idea, where did you come up with it?

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I like this, because you see which aircraft you’ve used most and which you haven’t used much, to use it more


You can get a rough idea through your log book.


Not really my logbook only goes back 10 days and I have been on Live for over a year. Also my logbook seems to be limited to my last 20 hours of flight.

I knew this feature request was hidden somewhere. I wanted to bring this back up from the dead, I still think that it would be really cool to see this implemented. Especially if a VA flies a certain type of aircraft, and they want to see who’s flown the most in what type of aircraft.