Flight hour how

How does one have 272 hrs flight time in a week when a week only has 168 hrs…?


Flying on multiple devices on different servers.


lol, that shouldn’t even be possible. Your community account should only reflect one flying account. Just my opinion.

It is one account - just signed in on more than one device.

The leaderboard shouldn’t be taken seriously imo - its just a bit of fun…even it encourages some…unhealthy competition? 😂

But its useful in some regards - in case you need to do some quick testing and your main flight device is “occupied”.

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Hello! That’s me 😅
I’m always in IF sky! Everyday flight on Expert server.
And flying on IFATC server for IFATC training! When after finished Training Session, i’m doing VFR. That’s why system counted my flight time like that.



I think it’s cool, but would it be possible to fly on 3 servers instead of just 2?

If you have three devices, yes.

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lol to be honest that would be absolute madness at home.

Also, this could be the job of the future when all ac will be automated. Just a few staff managing thousands of passengers 🤯 …

When I try to start a flight on a different device, I get kicked from the first flight. Regardless of the server.