Flight Guy Youtube Channel


So guys I decided to create a youtube channel based on infinite flight. It will contain landing montages, plane spotting videos, tutorials for ATC and landing and a special series where I race to 25,000 XP to get me on the advanced server. I hope you guys enjoy the content and some of the music that is used in the background of the videos. And remember I could be watching you in a tower on infinite flight ;)

Nice vidéos!

But in this one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H2YYDbTTlLg

Please be careful with your speeds and VS. 6000ft/min during take-off is way to high! Don’t leave the thrust levers at 100% (ie. TOGA). Your Vapp is too high! Land around 150-145kts!


That was one of my old videos, I have changed now :)

Yeah, lots of injuries on that flight.

In real aircraft you can’t be at TOGA power for more than a couple of minutes anyway

Yes, the limitation is of 5 minutes. 100% of N1/N2/N3 refers to MCT not TOGA. That’s why thrust > N1 100% when TOGA is applied

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