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Hey guys as all of us know summer is here. Unfortunately I have just 1 more week of school and then I have to travel for 2 weeks but in general, summer means way more flights because I have so much more time. I have noticed recently as I started to do more flights per day that it is kind of lonely. I remember last summer I had a small group of 2 friends, and we did flights together all summer. My friend ended up getting grade 4 and my other friend and I ended up getting to grade 3. So I am wondering if anyone is interested in making a flight groups and just doing nonstop flights this summer.

If you are interested please PM me or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask just send me a PM.

FYI I will be in California time zone

Thank you and safe landings!

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Sending you a PM!

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You can also set you a #live:groupflights mini event 3 hrs before you depart then you can ha e some other people join you too

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