Flight group event @ VHHH-281836ZDEC19

  • **a350 900 Cathay pacific **:

  • VHHH - YPPH:

  • **3 and a half hours **:

  • training:

----speed mach 80
altitude fl320

  • you are welcome to join:
    Zulu time is 6:36pm
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What time? (Zulu)

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Sorry to be that guy, but Please follow the correct title format, then you’ll be good. And Other than the title you don’t need to change anything.

6 36 pm is the Zulu time

sry ive read it but its hard for me to understand

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It’s fine if you didn’t understand, it happens to everyone once in awhile. Seems like you got it correct now!

I would not be able to join, I already have commitments today, but I’m sure it will be cool. Have fun!

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