Flight group Amazonas @ SBEG - 090130ZFRI19

Hello fellow pilots,

I’m planning to explore some of the scenery near SBEG with the Xcub! I want to see the Amazonas with a smooth, relaxing fligh. But it would be even more fun with you all flying with me. So leave a comment if you want to Join. The purpose of the flight would be mostly to take stunning pictures and share it later in the community!!

Departure airbase: SBEG
Aircraft: XCUB
Server: Expert
Time: 9:30 PM (MIAMI, USA, hour)

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Please follow the guidelines for #live:groupflights

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Are you in the air now?

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Not yet bro

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I can join then

When will we depart @Diego_Blanco?

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hi, please change your title to @ SBEG - 090130ZFRI19

Ok let’s do it

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