Flight gone for nothing and it's not a crash: My very first IF rage-rambling-complaint

First of all to cut through the chase I’m putting this on Support category because it is system related and hoping something could be invented soon so it won’t happen again as bad. Because currently it’s on an unforgiving level. What I’m asking for is to ease the disconnection lee-way time when IF gets interrupted, on an Android device.

That above pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say. Second and not least, my gratitude towards the best mobile sim to date and the team behind it, you guys did a great job and I love this sim!

Thanking you and have a great day, cheers!

Now on to my rambling rage, if you will... careful, long read

Do you know how hard or time consuming it is to get out of KLAX on a busy day? Or from any other popular airports in IF. Planned everything right on my IF dedicated super phone: SID, STAR, APU off after engine starts, pushback permission, checked flaps/trim/A/P, NAV, taxiing…oh, taxiing… and proceed to departure. All this in the middle of a busy schedule IRL.

Several minutes into the flight a call rang from my family far away… but the call came from my other, new smaller phone, while my IF was running on another different phone, uninterrupted.

You see, for almost two years I’ve been using my main wide screen phone for both entertainment and communication purposes - except when I’m on IF - then I have to chose either life, or IF. Because for as long as my virtual piloting career could remember I have been disconnected mid-flight every time I dared myself to peek at life popping out the notification corner - IF has been unforgiving for social life, it will not allow interruptions though ironically I had always championed it as the first community-based sim app.
And sadly other people could be made to wait and most sadly, as you would’ve probably guessed it I will chose IF.
My latest solution was to fix an old smaller broken phone last month and uninstalled everything else on my main one - just so I could create that perfect sim device, invincibly uninterruptible by… other humans, solely and selfishly containing my favourite sim, IF.

Then just tonight that other, smaller phone rang. A video call.

Like a boss I managed to handle work, family in a video call, getting out of KLAX - all at the same harmonious time, perfectly timed as my schedule is really, really tight and it’s almost 2 am on this part of the world.

My solution worked!

Now I could live my demanding dream on my dedicated phone while life goes on the other phone.

But all goes well until at some point in the conversation, someone uttered a word that sounded just like a keyword that all Android devices seem to adhere to, a word to summon the genie of all Android devices…

When I finally turned my head mid conversation to check on my flight progress on the other phone, a quarter of my IF screen was covered by Google AI. You know, that thing that pops up when you say “Hi Google”. It was all too late by then. I received a notification that I have been disconnected from server because IF had been running in the background for “too long”. (Thought I had shut that thing down ages ago but new updates seem to activate that particular Android feature every now and then.) Lost my flight and all those perfect procedures for nothing. Now with no time to spare I have to pack up and go home and getting ready for bed, failing to book one more daily flight to keep my grades for today, better luck tomorrow.

:D :D :D
What baffled me was that this unforgiving long term dilemma even managed to chase me even though amazingly I have separated the IF app by paying for a new phone. I know what had happened is far from the developer’s fault, it was my “Hi Google” feature that just suddenly decided to pop up due to environmental audio around it - from another phone lol!.

So I wish that one day, this IF cannot run for too long in the background issue could be addressed, perhaps timed it a wee bit longer? :)

Thank you for reading this far, much appreciated.

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This is on the General category. It should be on Support in my opinion

I would recommend turning off your Android or Google assistant. And voice recognition.

You know you can just tap the red icon in the top right corner and click on live server and it reconnects

This is not a technical issue with the app. It is a feature built in to ensure people do not use it to their advantage. I don’t doubt the legitimacy of what you’re saying, but think of it this way. If we had say 5 minutes between closing the app and IF disconnecting then what happens if ATC is trying to reach you in that time? If they issue a violation, should you be held responsible? All these factors I imagine would have been considered when deciding the time out duration. Also, let’s flip it the other way. What if a troll got reported for trolling, and they used “I was talking to Siri” as an excuse? If that gets reversed we have a troll on the expert server, which nobody wants.

Furthermore, with iOS 14 (you said you were running Android on your smaller phone but I don’t think you mentioned your main one, so just in case) FaceTimes and calls will appear like other notifications, not obscuring your screen. Picture in picture will also be supported, however there is no official word as to IF’s compatibility with this as of yet.

Hope this helps!


Both are actually Androids.

But you just gave me a very, very spot on reasoning, I completely missed this fact!

I don’t feel as bad now😅

Thank you!

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Yea I did, mod moved it to general. I kept shutting google assistant and it kept on re-activating itself along with annoying text correction inputs everytime it updates itself. Gotta keep an eye on this everytime.

I’m almost cetain the hey google voice command can be turned off.

I am also pretty sure of this

Actually, something else that might work if you have headphones with mutable (or detachable) mic: plug in the headphones and mute the mic, so nothing for GA to hear. Don’t trigger GA witht the headphone controls obviously.

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Good idea!

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