Flight frozen

I don’t wanna create unnecessary posts but there’s so many that idk where I should put this lol. I was mid-flight but the flight is now frozen, now I get it and I’ve never experienced this before so I’m guessing the cause is the server issue, but do I quit or just wait? It’s been like this for 20 mins maybe

Edit: I have not yet updated

Yeah i think it’s related to the servers being overloaded. I haven’t even been able to log into my account yet

It’s not going to unfreeze at that point so I would close the app personally.

Aight cool, ima just wait if a mod replies and if not I’ll end the flight and update, now I have an excuse to quit the flight lol

This is a known issue, devs are working on. Take a look here! 20.1 Update release

This is one of the replies a lot of people are throwing around, I’d suggest taking a look. It sorta helped

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Naa u missed the point. I was already in-flight when the update was rolled. I’m 7hrs and 45mins and the flight is frozen.

Okay cool, thanks g

Yeah it’s the servers. Just quit the app and wait a couple hours, it should be fine

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