Flight from vegas to new orleans with the 737

So for today’s flight I choose to go from Las Vegas to New Orleans. It was a pretty good flight except when I left vegas. I was hit really bad with wake turbulence. Out of nowhere it just appeared. But other then that it was good. I was able to get images of my flight.

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800/ Southwest airlines Livery

Flight time: about 3 hours and 2 minutes

Sever: Expert

Route: Vegas -----> New Orleans

So starting off the flight I caught a 787 that was heading to LAX. After I got a picture with him I pushbacked the taxied to runway 8L

After a medium length taxi, I proceed To takeoff from runway 8L, saying goodbye to vegas and heading towards New Orleans

After a good takeoff I was able to get some perfect views of America’s most favorite scenic landmark. The grand canyon. It was a nice sight to see

Then after a good flight at FL330 I started my descent into New Orleans. After getting permission to land I proceeded to land at runway 11. So after the landing, I taxied to parking next to a Delta A350 and a British Airways A380


Realism 100

Jokes aside, nice pics!


Awesome pictures! Tho seeing that BA A388 and to some extent the DL A359 was very disappointing, I believe the turbulence you faced was CAT clear air turbulence as wake turbulence is not possible in IF.

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Yes I know the A359 and A380 was unrealistic but technically it was their fault for spawning in a big aircraft for a semi-small airport

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