Flight from SBGL to TNCM


Taking off

Cruising altitude

Going around

On final approach

Finally landing after the 6 go around

Debording the aircraft

Route: SBGL to TNCM
Flight time: 7 hours and 8 minutes
Cause of go arounds: very poor visibility
Server: expert server


nice shots but don’t think your flaps should be all the way down for takeoff :)


At this point you should’ve diverted

Cool shots tho

Waste of fuel :)

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Where’s sbgl I think somewhere in south America


Safety over anything!

I’d have diverted after the 3rd or 4th go around

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SBGL is Rio de Janeiro’s international Airport

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷
SBGL is the commercial airport with the longest runway in Brazil
Besides SBGL we have SBRJ. In my opinion the best airport in Brazil!!!


That would have been a great idea if I had enough time. I enjoy infinite flight but I’m not going to be late to work over a game