Flight From PHX-CLT-BUF

I posted this a bit late but the flight was on Thursday, but anyway the first flight was in the morning at 10am, it was on an A321 American to CLT. It took about 4 hours, we had about 1 hour in CLT, it was crazy busy 🤯 for being during covid! The next flight was a nice few feet from the gate we arrived, it was on an B738. This flight to BUF was short and took about an hour, if your wondering about quarantine people from Arizona didn’t have to. Once we landed everything was normal except the fact that I had never seen BUF so empty, it was sad. Once we walked to the doors they had you fill out forms to show that you weren’t sick. After that we went to the National Car rental counter, there was only 2 people running the 8 different rental companies, so it toke a while but luckily it was mainly just people from are flight because as I mentioned earlier it wasn’t very busy. If you have any questions feel free to ask-follow my travels on Instagram @brodytheflyboy
The concourse at Terminal 4 being built is going well

A good spot from Admirals lounge

View from plane window America West livery 😍

Made it to CLT

Plane to BUF love these 😍 As you can tell I made on my PFP

Made it to BUF sorry I didn’t take any photos 🤦‍♂️
Welcome to Buffalo

I hope you enjoyed, I also film stuff to, my channel is below-a video will be uploaded within the next few weeks.


This is what makes Buffalo the best city! Welcome to my city Brody!

Amazing trip report as well!

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Ya thanks, this is my 12th time at Buffalo

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Cool photos!
I wonder what airports require you to fill out a form. I’ve been to SNA, PHX, ORD, LGB, SLC, and MSP during COVID and nowhere required me to fill out a form. Is it just NY?

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Mainly airports in the East coast but CLT wasn’t

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Oh ok thanks for the info

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Ooh… Phoenix. One of my favorite airports in the Us

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Thanks for visiting the Queen City of Charlotte! As you can see, CLT is packed with AA planes and is super busy.

Well, looked like it was a nice flight! Hope you enjoy your time in MJP-world. Whoops, I meant Buffalo. That’s my bad. 😛


Good ole CLT… I like CLT except for the E concourse. One way in and one way out

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The whole airport is open-concept and has lots of space, then there’s concourse E…

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America’s Friendliest Airport :D

Oh it really is. Thats why im there 4 times a month

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