Flight from New Hampshire to Baltimore

Hello and welcome to a flight that I did with a friend from infinite flight @N801VP.

Route: New Hampshire-Baltimore KMHT-KBWI

Server: expert server

Flight time: 1 hour 22 minutes

Me and @N801VP preparing for pushback

Me departing from runway 17

Him departing from runway 17

Climbing time

Wing wiew when climbing

Flying over New York

Wing wiew here you see KEWR

Mee intercepting the localizer

Seconds from touchdown

100 50 40 30 20 10 touchdown

Thanks for coming hope you enjoyed! Which one is your favourite?


I like it an I just broke my iPod that I I use so be prepared to see me less on the IFC as I can’t type well anymore.

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Cool! @Daniel_Cerritos would be proud of you going to MHT.


Awesome to see that MHT got some love!

I’ve done all routes from MHT to MDW, BWI, TPA, and MCO.

I’ve also done some past routes like LAS, PHX, DEN, FLL, and BNA.

Thanks for flying MHT!


Thank you so much @Luke_Sta and @Daniel_Cerritos have a nice day

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Flying out I could just see kpsm

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This was my favorite shot I took and for your I would say the one at the gate.

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Also think that one is the best but I also like this one

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