Flight from Miami To Boston

If you would like to join I’m flying from Miami to Boston with my friends it wills be cool if you join

Server Expert


Aircraft JetBlue embraer E190

Hello! Glad to see you engaging with the community and wanting to fly with others. But you must post this under the #live:groupflights category. Your title also doesn’t fit the format

Take a look at this to understand it better


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Adding onto @AviationChampion in order to post under #live:groupflights you need to be TL2 member.

To reach that, continue your engagement to the community and you could get there in no time!

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How do I get there

That information can be found under the thread I’ve linked already. But thanks for mentioning it :)

Commenting on posts, creating posts, reading topics and comments, etc. Trust levels are also based on how many likes you’ve given and received from the last time we saw the requirements. The new requirements for Trust Levels are not open to the public at this time. Best thing to do is just to engage with the community.


That’s not correct
Any TL can post in #live:groupflights (you might be confusing it with #live:events)
Otherwise OP would even be able to make a topic (or in this case, move this topic here)

Anyway, @Young_Cryptic, make sure you follow the guidelines for the title as mentioned by @AviationChampion