Flight from Macau to Manila (UPDATE)

So last Thursday, I went back to the Philippines. I got some pretty interesting pics.

The first time I’d seem a real life DC-10. It belongs to Orbis.

After boarding.

Air Macau A321, with a view of some of the hotels and casinos.

Our plane, an AirAsia Zest A320.

An Air Macau A319.

A China Eastern A321.

A close up pic of our plane

On Final Approach to RPLL
My two favorite shots, the one above and below, as they show the taxiway extending out to sea. The plane above is an EVA Air A321 and the one below is an Air Macau A321 I think.
Transitioning over HKG shortly after takeoffimage

And finally, the video of the landing :)


P.S. I’ll be posting pics from the return flight on Sunday, it’ll be in the morning so hopefully I can get better shots.

Very nice I say.

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Nice! That seemed fun!

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We took the return flight a few hours ago.

My first time to see a BAe 146!
PAL Express Dash 8 Q200(?) Cute :)
Possible emergency? I’ll check avherald later.image
I think you might be in the wrong airport bud. 😂
ANA 787-8. If only the bars weren’t covering the window, that’s annoying.

An AirAsia A320 taxiing and a BAe 146 taking off.
Singapore Airlines 777-200ER pushing back.
Our plane, an AirAsia Philippines A320.
A Cathay A330-300.

All these pics were either taken from the lounge or while walking to our gate. I have a video of the takeoff, which has a short view of a taking off 747-400, and the landing. I’ll upload these momentarily.


Videos are here! https://youtu.be/RsyeqxfLRso for takeoff at Manila, and https://youtu.be/jPZEw6QDA_Y for landing in Macau.

What was kind of funny was that the people working in the lounge were staring at my like I was crazy as I was taking the photos…


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