Flight from London to Rome with A350

So yesterday I did a full flight with the A350 (I was unable to get shots for my night VFR flight because I accidentally deleted the replay). Anyway I was able to get some shots that I hope u will enjoy. Here they are.

Aircraft: Airbus A350/Air France Livery

Route: EGGL —> LIRF

Server: Expert

here is where I started out. I started at London Heathrow. So in the first picture we see a another A350 with a 747. So I was still parked and ready for pushback when something caught my eye ;)

So now I will was ready for takeoff at runway 09R (or left). Got a view with an Atiliaia A321 while taking off

Then here is when is I was cruising at FL350. Got some good pictures of the sun and the mountains with the good wing views

And now concluding the flight, I got some shots with 2 aircraft waiting for departure while I was landing. Then I taxied to parking next to an Atailia MD-11

So I hope you like the pictures of my flight. Let me know how they were. It would be greatly appreciated because it would help me do better 😄


Nice, and #2 Selfie with Laura!

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Oh! Spotted Laura, cool… Cool flight with lots of traffic it looks like! The sunset is nice too!


Thank you. I always love flying with sunsets


Nice 👍 photos


Awesome pictures. Beautiful scenery!

Why the A350 from London to Rome tho??? :(


Uuuuuuh, why Air France…


good job and good pictures my friend. Congratulations

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Cause I love the A350 a lot. I use it for short and long flights

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Thank you Jean 😁

There is no British airways and I had to use something closer

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Why didn’t you fly with the aircraft that they use in the real world?