Flight from London to Mumbai (Ended)

It was embarrassing to do this hehe, I have made a mistake in the category, can I be corrected?

I have just been called for boarding to Mumbai from London, all my luggage is packed and ready to fly.

The flight attendant tells me that the estimated flight time is 8:55 hrs.

Server: Expert
Flight: Speedbird 139 Heavy

Link if you want to follow me from the radar:


Good Morning ;)


I remember many years ago flying this flight IRL on the B747-400. It is a nice flight!

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What memories and it’s a great flight!

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Good pictures! You can change the category to #screenshots-and-videos manually but that means you might have to change your pictures due to the UI being there


Thanks for your help!!!, but on second thought I think I should delete the post because I feel that sending my flights I do are unnecessary things for others. But I still thank you.

It’s actually quite the opposite! The screenshots section is a pretty big part of the community :)

I didn’t know flight attendants give the briefing to captains

I am doing this the opposite way on friday night at 10:30EST

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