Flight from KSFO to KEDW.

Hey all. Here are some shots from my flight from KSFO to KEDW.

Aircraft: A318
Server: Solo
Flight time: 56min

Departing from San Francisco intl.

Cruising at 20.000ft.

Descending into KEDW.

On short final runway 22L at KEDW.

Touching down on runway 22L.

Parked at gate F-2 at KEDW.
Hope you like it.


Hey, unfortunately, your post does not meet the guidelines of the #screenshots-and-videos category. You cannot have any of the user info above your aircraft. This is visible in pictures 1, 7, and 8. Posts that do not follow the guidelines are subject to closure.

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Another suggestion would be to use the screenshot button located on the bottom of the HUD in Replay Mode for high quality screenshots. Make sure your quality settings for replay screenshots is set to 4K.


That’s because I play on low quality. My phone is not able to handle the game with high quality.


How does it look now. The picture are now in 4K
Didn’t know that it takes pictures in 4K and removes everything in the background. Thank’s for telling me.

They’re fine now. Thanks!

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