Flight from KPHX to KJFK 2nd leg

Leg 2 of 2 headed out to JFK from PHX.
Nice flight on the Training server from PHX to JFK departed PHX at 23:14 Zulu time. Had no wind almost all the way there.

Rotation out of PHX

Gear up on our way JFK

Thanks @D-MUCX for the escort

buy sun ✌️✌️

Hello moon 🤚🤚

Cleared and configured for landing

touch down welcome to JFK


Amazing pictures 🤩🛫

Nice photos!

@AviationFreak 👀

Man you had the guts to takeoff 7R in a 777?? Wow


Very nice 🌕‼

it was close but I powered up with brakes on for a second for max power.

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I tried it on an A350 and it only used 3/5 of the runway. Same load with a 777 was a near fail. Needed the whole runway.

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Awesome photos. Number 5 has to be the best for me.

Would definitely agree with you

Amazing moon shot 😬

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Thanks it was my first one needs some work.