Flight from KPHX to KIND

It was an early flight from Phoenix waking up at 5:30 🥱. I got a premium economy also called main cabin extra, it was the perfect Aviation Geek spot. I’m posting this 40m after I landed, headed to Louisville, why did I not fly there you may ask? No non stop flights flight PHX to there. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.
Window view in Phoenix, from my seat

I had 2 windows this was the other one

My plane on flight radar in PHX

A cool Alaska paint job

Mid flight

20m before decent, a cool close up, I can’t really figure out the plane but my guess is I think it’s a Spirit airlines plane, I you can figure it out please tell.

Getting close to the airport

Finally landed, so glad to finally get off the plane but it was very fun.

Hope you enjoyed, if you want to do a flight with me you can join my event 15JUL20 / 1800Z- The desert flyout @ KTUS


Nice! I’m pretty sure that plane you couldn’t identify is a Spirit A320.


Nice pics!

Do you know the time the picture was taken?

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Ummm, I think 3:00 something

Nice shots! Quick (but kinda specific) question, what was it like flying American? Like the boarding/deboarding procedures and inflight meal service, just wanna know because I’m flying with American from my spot in Orlando up to St. Louis in less than a week.

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It was probably this Spirit A320 then. Your A320 is next to it.


Good question, so when you first board you will get a bag with water and a snack and sanitizer l, if you want any drinks during the rest of the flight you have to ring the call button. During the flight you have to we’re mask unless your drinking or eating. And also you have to get off the plane row by row. Otherwise It’s the same, if you haven’t flown on American before I can tell you some more things.

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Nice, I think you got it thanks

I’m quite familiar with American so I think you got everything, thanks for the info!

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No problem

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Rookie numbers lol

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Awesome trip report, always love seeing these! Were there a lot of people on the flight?

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Lol I had to get up at 230 eastern time once to drive 2 hours to an airport but I’m from Phoenix so my body time was like 1230 am 😂


It was on an A319 there was 36 open seats. I got lucky and got a whole row to myself.

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Not on all flights. Only on flights over a certain distance (unless I missed something’s)

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Nice pictures! What was the flight time?

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3h and 30m

Looks like it was a great flight. What was the process like going in and out of each airport with all the COVID-19 precautions.

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I’m actually on a plane right now, sitting next to someone no social distancing but if your going on a plane I would bring things to clean with, but anyway I can tell you more once I get to DFW

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