Flight from kmfr to phx to phl to kmyr June 6- June 7th

Kmfr-phx aa5893 CRJ 900 American eagle
Departure 10:51. Arrival 1:10

Phx-Phl aa782 airbus A320 American Airlines
Departure 10:59pm arrival 6:37 am

Phl-kmyr aa5110 crj-700 American eagle
Departure 8:50am- 10:42am

Also if any one has knows any interesting things to do in Phoenix let me know


you want us to track you?

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If so, please head on over here:

@AviationFreak get over here.

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It’s kinda hot here

You could go to a water park

Explore the city

Top golf (very fun)

I don’t do very many things here in the summer that’s outdoors cause it’s hot. I do travel a lot and go camping up north but seeing that your only here for a few hours that’s not much of an option


I’ll be there for around 9 hours. Thanks for the ideas

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Nice of you to fly out of my home airport! (KMFR)

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Your talking to a Phoenix expert, go to a water park, or go hike up Kamel Back Mountain.

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Lol, I didn’t see your’s and we both said water park, that’s gotta tell people something 😂

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There’s nothing else to do here in the summer


Stay indoors… Enjoy the A/C…


Someone who works outside in the Phoenix heat


You make it sound so sad here @N1RG 😂.

Its not… But if someone isn’t use to the heat then it could be a real shock

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