Flight from KMCO - KLAX

Today at 4:00 pm EST I will be flying from MCO to LAX.

I will be flying a Boeing 757-200 with Delta service to provide this service.
Estimated flight time will be 4 and a half hours.

If you would like to join the flight, please request a gate at MCO!

Gate 22 (Vacant)
Gate 23 (Vacant)
Gate 24 (Vacant)
Gate 25 (Vacant)
Gate 26 @Nicholas_Failla
Gate 27 (Vacant)
Gate 28 (Vacant)

I will be live streaming the event on my YouTube page! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoI-Zh5t4j8

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube!

Make sure to make your Airline Delta.

If you need any more information, please join my discord. https://discord.gg/fDDaeBc

Enjoyyy the flight!

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Looks like a nice event though, remake it once you’re TL2, and maybe I’ll join :)


Thanks for the info.

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