Flight from KDAL-MBPV

So the other day I flew from Dallas to Turks and Caicos and here are some pictures I captured


Looks like a Falcon 50. Beautiful aircraft!


Very nice :) I love them.

yup Falcon 50ex very dependable and great aircraft we love it.

Is that your private jet???

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The fact that he’s 13 in his profile, I’m going to say probbly not.


You were around for the world famous “My private A-321 topic”, anything is possible.


Turks and Caicos is a beautiful island, enjoy! Love the second picture by the way. :)

Great Snaps!

What’s the tail number on that? Can’t quite make it out.


That was the worst lie of all time XD

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That was interesting…

Beautiful aircraft and nice photos!

Ya beutiful island and thanks I’m going spotting sometime this week so he on the lookout for that for some more good pictures

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My grandfather has a built a company from nothing and that is actually his company’s that he uses

Or the “my home flight sim” topic. Both those were great! 😂

How big was his “ home flight sim”? I’m looking to get a flight sim from X-Plane 11 website or something like that

It did not exist, actually.

How big did he say it was?

If I recall correctly it was full motion.

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Lol in his house hahaha

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