Flight from FACT to EGLL (Casual Server)

Today a flew an Airbus A340-600 for South African Airways from Cape Town International (FACT) to London Heathrow (EGLL) on the Causal Server as Springbok/SAA Flight 76.

The A340-600 holding short of Runway 19 as Table Mountain can be seen in the background.

Soon after, I clear myself for take off and embark on what would become an 11 hour journey.

The SAA A340 cruising at around FL250 - FL300 above Angola.

Cruising at FL400.

Along the way, I came across some stunning mountains.

The Airbus A340-600 flying over the Sahara Desert in Algeria as the sun gradually sets.

The plane finally leaving the continent of Africa as she makes her way over towards Europe.

The South African Airways A340 arriving at Heathrow, moments from touching down at Runway 09L.

And finally I conclude this post with South African Airways Flight 76 at the gate at London Heathrow.

I hope you guys appreciate this post. It was a pleasure flying this beaut today!


Cool shots! The A340 is a unique aircraft I have to say! Be sure on your 7th image to exclude any boxes that aircraft have in the area to clear up the image. 😄

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I will do next time!

if u cant the photos at night are dark i recommend lightening them up

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Nice pictures, just No:8 has white boxes in it and I am afraid that is against the Screenshot and video category rules

God damnit! I’m sorry 😰😢

I’ve removed image No. 8.

I keep screwing up little things up, just like I’ve always done. 🙃

Don’t say that :(

No no, don’t worry. Mistakes happen

I’m sorry if I overreact, it’s just I always feel I always mess things up.

I know this is completely irrelevant but I have bad depression and I hate making small mistakes.

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Never beet yourself up about a mistake! Every person on this form has made a mistake before, I am 100% sure about that. Don’t worry :)

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