Flight from EGLL to LEMD at noon time in Air Nostrum (Iberia)

Today I was flying in a Bombardier CRJ 1000 from London Heathrow to Madrid. I thought why not sharing the screenshots I made

Servers: Expert
Time: 9:53 am - 11:58 am (2 hours)
Route: EGLL to LEMD
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ 1000

Parking at EGLL

Taking off Runway 27L departing south

Blasting out of EGLL

Flying over the Pirineos

Approaching Madrid which located 2000 ft. MSL but is surrounded by a very flat landscape

Intercepted with the localized on short final to Runway 18L

Touchdown Runway 18L

Because the Runway 18L is located pretty far away from the gates you have to taxi a lot but anyways parked at my position

I hope you enjoyed :D


Great pictures, thanks for sharing! Madrid is always a great plays to go!

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Thank you that’s my first post of this kind


Very cool screenshots, will considered flying there with the CRJ 1000! What’s the livery?

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Iberia - Air Nostrum (old version I think)
Thank you for your feedback
Have a great day or night

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So I did
Hope I see more photolikeit in the future …
Deal deal okay bye and then …

Thank you :D
Have a great one

Great contribution to the forum, keep it up!

I would have pictures for the Real Aviation section too but sadly I don’t have access to it yet

This will come soon for sure. Just keep aa active as you are and all will work out!