Flight from Denver to Tel Aviv

Today, I finished a flight on the expert server from Denver to Tel Aviv. I had a lot of fun with this fictional route in fact, I think it is now one of my most favorite to fly. I used a United 787 for the route because I thought it would be the most realistic. It took around 13 and a half hours to complete. Anyways, here are the photos.

Departing Denver:

Flying over Serbia:

Approach and landing in to Tel Aviv:


This flight isn’t done IRL.


On final into Tel Aviv no one is allowed to leave there seats. If one stands up flight is routed away from Tel Aviv. Wouldn’t that be a bummer after flying 13 hours! Nice pics!s


Yes I am aware. I just did it for fun! Although I do wish it was a real route.

Wow. I got a Golden Hour shot from Florence to Catalina today.
Vueling A320-200NEO.IMG_E1475%20(1)


Neo? You mean CEO right?

Pretty sure it was a NEO, no clamshell thrust like the CEO on landing. CFM engines, for sure.

I luv the approach in to Tel Aviv
If anyone wants to get more of that approach and join El Al VA pls DM me

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enjoyed the sunset, good job.

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If it is in IF then 100% ceo, as there is no neo in IF