Flight from: Charlotte to München - Lufthansa A350-900

Flight Information

Aircraft: Lufthansa A350-900
Server: Expert Server
Flight Time: 8:43 Hours

Waiting to pushback at KCLT 😍

Smooth takeoff! 🧈

Hello Canada 🇨🇦

Sunrise over Ireland 🌄

Moments before touchdown in München

Buttering the bread with a -72! 🧈🤩

Made it to the gates, whilst seeing another A350 💙

Hope You enjoyed these screenshots! Which one was your favorite? Let me know! 😇

Hope you had a nice flight! I wonder who that other A350 was at MUC tho? Btw fav pic was number 5


Glad you were there at the end! :) Thanks!

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Amazing shots!

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*MUC btw ;)

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Thank you! I am happy you liked the photos! :)

Favorite airline, favorite aircraft, favorite VA, favorite North America route: Perfect


Glad it is Max approved! However, I need to argue that the a330 is better and so is FRA 😅

I’ll give you the A330 in IF due to it being reworked, but don’t get me started on the overwhelming superiority of Europe’s best-rated airport compared to Frankfurt…


I mean it… 😅 747-8s are there… Amazing airport… great for planespotting… lots of airlines operate there… FRA is like the dream airport.

There is a reason Munich is rated as the best airport… Best passenger service, most modern, most cleanest, etc. airport in Europe (and 8th in the world). While MUC might not have too many airlines right now it also usually has quite a few, at least enough to make a regular man happy. Munich also has an autonomous underground train and is the only Lufthansa base to have the chance to get the A380 back (if not it’ll be the only of the both to have the A340-600)

Yeah I know MUC is good (Flew in and out of MUC a bunch of times), im still favoring FRA, not wanting to cause arguments but its just my personal opinion :) 😅


Oops Sorry it was 2 am

Me who likes both equally

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Much respect for flying this route! This one usually cruises over me every evening

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