Flight from Burcharest was escorted to Birmingham by Typhoon Jets After It Loses Communication

News came out today that a Saab 340 plane, owned by Fleet Air Int’l, carrying cargo lost communication after it entered UK airspace, the RAF then sent up 2 Typhoon Jets to escort it safely down to Birmingham airport. It landed just after 7:30AM


Umm, that’s not a Saab 340 - that is an Airbus A330(-200?).


I didn’t set the picture, go ahead and complain to the Telegraph with all do respect :)

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It’s an RAF A330 refuelling aircraft :)


F16 typhoons, never seen on of those 😉. It would be the eurofighter typhoon mate, f16 is a completely different aircraft

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Read the article.
Typhoons need fuel from refuelling aircraft Voyager (A330) after mission.
Photo is not of the escorted aircraft(Saab 340)


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