Flight freezes only on final (Already reinstalled twice, Sometimes it still happens, sometimes it doesn't)

Poor internet connection wouldn’t cause his complete device to freeze, makes no sense. Chances of his internet connection becoming substantially weaker from the time his IF ran fine to now also extremely slim, makes no sense.


Uh it does😂 after X amount of time, the app will crash if connection is completely cut, or too slow, to avoid issues for others. Happened to me before. Got better speeds hasn’t happened since. You understand providers can run into issues right? Or the OP could need a new router. There’s many many different possibilities. And considering the OP stated they had no issues when using data, to suggest they buy a new device is a terrible suggestion. If it works fine on data but not internet, then i wonder where the problem lies.

I’ve had this problem with a 2018 phone. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the phone. I’m actually suspecting some kind of bug in IF that causes an infinite loop (or something else similar) that only ends when you hit home and reenter.
Incidentally @ouzi android or IOS?

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I could turn my router off a million times while on the app, mid flight even - should never cause my whole device to freeze.

I agree, issue with the app or phone. In my case it was the phone twice becoming knackered from app usage.

It’ll freeze then crash. Happens more then you can think, happened to me once.

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What do you mean incidentally? Im using Android :)

The app maybe. But for the whole device to freeze for that long, makes no sense.

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Or maybe the OP having internet speed of less then a megabyte. Half of that actually. Slow internet will cause your device to freeze and crash. I am not stating this anymore. Take it up in my PM’s where i won’t clog a thread with repeating statements.

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No thanks, makes no sense.


Ok I was checking. I use android too. I am actually suspecting a weird kind of bug which is why I’m asking.

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Turn down the screen brightness and have it somewhere cool during flights. Also, make sure all background apps are closed, that’s the best help I can give you… Sorry…

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No problems, the screen brightness are always 0% for me and, the background apps are closed, i will do my best

I tried to test my network and the following results

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@Alphadog4646 looks more than enough to run IF in my opinion? Think thats the internet theory ruled out.

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I doubt brightness affects running speed unless the phone is actually having heating problems.

I have tried a 32 minutes of flight time , and was successfully landed without the freeze, but im intended to try a flight with more than 45 minutes because the freeze and crash happens while i do above 45 min nearly on final ;Let’s say around 20-10nm from runway.

Please look at his ping. that’s extremely high from my experience.

OP has done a ping test and comes back fine, within the good range. Rules out his internet being the issue. Nobody needs super fast top of the range fibre optic to run IF.

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316 ping? that’s good to you? So getting new data maybe 3 times a second is good?😂😂 Please do some reading on ping and what it does. The average ping is 100 and under. The OP has 3 times the average and remember the higher ping the worse the connection. Do some research before anything. Suggesting a new device and now 316 ping is fine?

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I just said OP has done a ping test, using a site dedicated for that, which came back fine. You can PM him for the results or he can post them here for your convenience.

You did state his connection was 0.40KPS earlier, and said this was less than a megabyte, ‘half a megabyte actually’. Think you need to check the math you’re using for the conversions because that is way off.