Flight freezes only on final (Already reinstalled twice, Sometimes it still happens, sometimes it doesn't)

I feel a little annoyed since yesterday I bought a subscription, like the title above, every time I approach the final (remember this started yesterday, which a few months ago when I was playing didn’t happen) So, before I wrote this topic, I experienced a freeze hang Which long enough to make me unable to do anything on my device.

Before you ask me the correction questions, I will answer the following first:

  • Did you turn on Limit frame rate?
    Yes, i have never turned off since i install this game when 2016

  • Did you have at least 1GB of storage available?
    Yes, i have around 6,50GB available

  • Have you restarted device before do some flight?
    Before this incident happened, after I turned the device off from total Power off I immediately made this failed flight.

  • Are you using Strong Wifi connection ?
    Since this trouble happen yesterday, im using my cellular data. And the connection is safe and smooth.

  • Lower Infinite Flight graphics and performance settings?
    Yes, i do it all (Except textures)

  • Tell your device specifications
    Vivo Y93
    RAM : 3GB (Available : 1,50)
    Internal storage 6,50GB left
    Snapdragon 4xx (i think)

Because a few months ago when I played after stopping for a while, this incident did not happen at all. But why and make me surprised this incident just like that , I don’t have a device for a year yet.


Are you having troubles with your cellular data?

And are you going to busy airports when you’re experiencing these issues?

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Negative, the connection was fine :) But what do you mean Trouble,

I land on nearly empty airport that its just me there.

If you’re not experiencing issues with your data, maybe giving your wifi router a simple restart will do the trick?

Im sorry , i was not using Wifi anymore. So, the one and only connection is my cellular data :(

Well then i don’t see why make a #support thread if you’re not even going to use what is causing the issue. It could be many things to do with your provider, to just a simple restart. If you are not going to use wifi, and aren’t having issues with your data why make a thread?

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I mean im looking for why Recently a problem occurred :(

Actually I’ve had this happen to me before as well. Usually under a bad connection. Makes me think there is a problem with how IF handles reconnections.

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Could be as stated already, an issue with your provider, or something wrong with your router which could’ve been fixed by unplugging and plugging it back in.
Your bandwidth could’ve been too low causing you issues.
Your speeds could just be too slow now.
Your router could be outdated.
There’s many possibilities as to what caused it. Sometimes simple sometimes not so simple. If you have more issues when using data make another thread but if you’re not having issues i don’t see a need really for something that won’t get fixed because you won’t use your wifi and will stick to data…

So do I have to tamper with my network (?)

I mean, i did not continuing my Wifi subscription anymore, so cellular data is my only connection right now :)

If that’s the case, then there’s nothing to tamper.

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I might try to re-install the game and will report back the result later…

If you’re not having any issues there’s literally no point in reinstalling the game.

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Looks like im slightly confused right now :/…

Yea me too. You’re using data having no issues, you don’t have any internet so data is the only connection. Repeat you are having no issues at this time, so why delete IF and reinstall? Makes no sense.

@xsrvmy, Do you always happen when you approach the finals or are you just on finals? Or its just randomly happen (?)

I don’t actually remember, but I know one of them was when I was doing CYYJ-CYVR so I was flying at like 5000ft.

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The app burned two iPhones for me, so ended up getting a dedicated device for it but can tell its starting to knacker the device already. Id suggest a dedicated device for your IF too.

So it means my device are getting aged? Performance degradation?

that’s absorb. Recommended fix for a connection issue is what? Buy a whole new device and have the same issues😂😂 makes no sense, OP pm’ed me, said his connection was 0.40KPS which would be the cause. That’s to slow for IF.

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