Flight freezes mid flight


So I did 2 long haul flights in the past 2 nights. Well I tried. Every morning I‘d wake up my flight was only mid progress and my ipad was frozen. Nothing would happen. I want to do a long haul tonight again. How can I prevent that from happening?

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I would recommend you turn down your graphics settings to low and make sure all background apps are closed.


what is your internet like ?

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Ok thanks. I have low power mode on during my flights and I turn the brightness of my ipad down.

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Its not the worst but this is the first 2 times it has happened. I‘ve never had this before

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Yes do that as well.

What iPad is this?

Try restarting you device before the flight, and close all tabs before you power it off.

If your internet goes down and your iPad is wifi only this will cause the app to free after a short delay. Nothing around it except a stable wifi connection.

On the I Pad go to settings , tap on Safari and clear browsing history and data. You should also back up you Ipad. Go to settings/my IPad and back up now. This will work. I clear mine each 3 or 5 days depending on how much you have used your device.

I always clear my scenery cache before any flight, and restart my device. If you have a lot of replays maybe delete a few as they might be taking up a lot of space, delete a few pictures or a few apps, anything that’s unwanted or not needed to free up some storage

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