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not sure on this question but reading the IFATC manual on flight following is it the same as real life when you request flight following? If not then for IFATC what exactly is flight following?

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Flight following is used for GA aircraft.

However, in Infinite Flight, you can use it in any aircraft if you wish. :)

Unlike real life you wont get traffic advisories. In IF you may get altitude restrictions and vectoring when traffic dictates.

You only request flight following in IF when flying VFR.

When flying IFR, just check in to departure.


you should use only at VFR flights

A great reference for how to communicate with Radar while departing…also helps clear some things up on ATC side as well.


@tyleraviator99. MaxSez;

Flight Following** is the provision of an ongoing surveillance information service (SIS) to VFR flights** in Class E and G airspace. This service can provide improved situational awareness and assists pilots in avoiding collisions with other aircraft. Following must be requested from ATC.
This service is provided on a not to interfere basis only.

Infinite flight offers Flight Following to both IFR and VFR aircraft on a not to Interfere basis which is a modification of the FAA regulation. Following is routinely provided by IFATC radar services.

G’ evening, Max


Hey Max,

I know what Flight following is in real life.
The problem is and I think it’s on the pilots side is on IFATC when the pilot contacts departure (Lets say at EDDF) the pilot requests flight following to NZAA. Which is obviously over half way around the globe. And shortly after “expect flight following to NZAA” they just say “Freq. change approved Good day”. So I’m confused as to what’s the purpose. And looking at the IFATC manual it still doesn’t clear up the meaning in IF.

So basically in infinite flight flight following you use when you’re going to follow your flight plan?

@tyleraviator99. MaxSez: You Noted a flaw in the system which is routinely over looked. Offering Following to VFR Aircraft by IF contradicts FAA regulations and confuses the seasoned RW Pilot. THEY WHO DARE know following is only a VFR offered procedure on a not to interfere basis
Additionally IF Radars’ Comm Menu’s are incomplete on Following thus the glitch. This issue has been raised here over the years but never resolved.
Under the circumstances just grin and bear it. I never request following in a trash hauler I just check in. I like you find this procedure unsettling and Bass Ackward.

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@tyleraviator99 MaxSez: You use “Check In” to follow your plan.

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