Flight following to Jakarta

(Unsure if this is the proper place to post about this). I’m on a flight from KMIA-WIII in the expert server and I’m kinda unsure if I’ll make it. I’m using the A330NEO, I put max fuel 120 passengers and bout 6000lbs. of cargo. Even when I created this flight plan in FPLtoIF It told me it exceeds the aircrafts limits. Should I stop in Whitehorse Yukon or could I make it without having to stop to refuel?

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Is your ETA red?

What is your cruise altitude? Maybe this can be a factor if we speak about fuel burn

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Yup, says I have about 19 hours and 20 minutes to go with only 16 hours and 16 minutes of fuel remaining. I’m cruising at FL320, I was thinking I could burn some fuel then try to climb to FL380

Hmmm depending on winds up ahead you may be alright. FL320 should be fine. Don’t climb to FL380 until you are very light though.

Yeah the fuel remaining is consistently flucuating so maybe I won’t need to stop by the time I get to Canada, this is going to be my longest flight so hopefully it all goes well.

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Also how should I be step climbing? I read about like an hour ago so I slowly went up to FL340. Should I be doing it every couple hours or should I do it based on my load. I was thinking about climbing to FL360 before I go to sleep but unsure if it is the best idea. I do know however I’m going to have to go higher eventually because right now I am 15 hours and 16 minutes from Jakarta but I only have 13 hours and 13 minutes ironically enough.

Every 3-5h from my experience.

Did you make it? Or are you still flying?

it looks like we need to call a search group

What server are you on?

cancel the search group, it is already flying up to Indonesia on the expert server


That’s great to hear! :)

Sorry I was asleep, currently my ETE to Dest is red with 02:42 left and my fuel remaining is 2:31 (23,350lbs. of fuel remaining). I’m using between 9,000lbs.-10,000lbs. of fuel per hour its consistently fluctuating. I’m hoping the decsent will help out enough. I’m crusing at FL400 & if it really comes down to it I’ll divert to Singpaore but I think I’ll be fine.

I did a flight of almost 19 hours in the same plane you flew from new york to yakarta and I arrived ok, the maximum speed I recommend for flights of 18 hours is to go to M0.82 and the maximum altitude so you don’t spend fuel so fast is up to 31.000 feet, I hope it helped you ;)

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Yeah at this point I’m starting to get worried, my ETE is around 46 minutes, my fuel remaining is flucuating. I have about 5,903lbs. left and my fuel flow is around 8,900lbs. per hour. I’m really hoping the descent will give me the extra boost I need to make it.

Can you divert to an airport that can handle your aircraft?

So good news and terrible news. Terrible news I ran completely out of fuel on approach. Pretty much landed in the ocean basically or on some grass like 500 feet from the runway super embarassing. Good news I completely stopped put more fuel in instead of just leaving. Took back of from pretty much nothing which got a speed violation for but ya know whatevs. Hardest landing I have ever done. And now sitting at the gate. Takeaway from this. I should not have put any passengers or cargo trying to be realistic nothing about a flight from Miami to Jakarta is realistic. Still my longest “succesful” flight I’ve ever done. I will attempt an even longer flight and this time I wont run out of fuel :D

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